Why this?

I like to follow up on what movies are coming out in the UK. Compare them to see what movies open in the US but we never get a chance to watch them here. See when that big blockbuster is opening etc.

Unfortunately, UK websites are not that great of following the release schedule. Different websites give you different dates, and even though IMDB was usually quite good at updating the UK release schedule, it has fallen behind recently and is not reliable anymore.

So, I decided to create a blog that follows the release schedule and update it as often as possible, so we can finally have a definitive list of what is opening and when.

My sources will still be IMDB, but also DigitalSpy, BFFC, posters, magazines etc. Anywhere that I can get info. My plan hopefully is to eventually get the companies interested so they can send me their release schedule, and to finally have the best UK release schedule as possible.

Wish me luck!


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